RGB "Chandelier"
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RGB “Chandelier”


The photos below deserve some explanation. The camera cannot really “see” the light from the source and makes the inside of the baffles appear white. When you look at the fixture with your eyes, the colors clearly emerge from the baffles and the rest of the fixture is just plain white paint. The fact that everything assumes the colors shown below stems from the fact that the only light in the room is of a single color and the automatic exposure of the camera uses that light.







The fixture is mounted above a round table that we use frequently for dining. We found that a warm-white setting makes the food look most appealing. One can also play with the light to enhance or distort certain colors. If the salad is not green enough, add some green light. If somebody wants to eat less, adding blue makes the roast beef look unappetizingly gray. Any color is possible, some pleasing to the eye, others outright obnoxious.

Be the power of light with you!


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