Luxeon LEDs
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What is a Luxeon LED?


Luxeon LEDs are very high power LEDs. They come in single colors as well as white. As you may recall, white light is produced by exciting phosphors in the encapsulating shell. The actual light source is a blue LED chip. Lumileds is one of a few companies manufacturing these high power LEDs.

While an ordinary 5 mm LED has a power consumption of 40-70 mW (milliwatt), Luxeons are driven with 1 Watt or even 5 Watt. The Luxeon Star configuration has the LED emitter capsule mounted on a heat spreader (an epoxy-aluminum sandwich).

Luxeon Star clamped to heat sink


The light output of this type of LED is approximately 20 Lumens or the equivalent of about 20 5 mm LEDs. Since the old design, having 90 5 mm LEDs, produced an adequate amount of light, I decided to replace them with five Luxeons. That number also fit nicely into the available space of the fixture.

As of a few weeks ago, Luxeon LEDs are available with a warm white output (3200K). This color is between an incandescent and a Halogen light and is a ‘friendly’ white.

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