Electrical Design
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Electrical Design

The LEDs are to be driven with a constant current of 700 mA. The coolers require about 0.8 Watts each at 12 VDC.

I used to design LED drivers from scratch and building a 12 V power supply would be easy. However, such devices are now available commercially at competitive prices.

LED Driver

Each LED “head” contains seven LEDs in series driven at 700 mA with a total voltage drop of 7 x 3.1 V = 21.7 V. Two heads in series result in a voltage drop of 43.4 V and a power of 30.4 Watts. A fully enclosed power supply was available with a capacity of up to 48 Volts and up to 35 Watts



This the LED driver, fully enclosed and water proof. It has only four leads, two for the 110 VAC input and two for the LEDs..

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