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The assembly shown here is intended to be placed on the ceiling of the foyer.


The electronics are housed in a steel utility box 8 x 6 x 4 inches.

You see the two LED driver modules. The small black box is the 12 VDC power supply for the coolers. Various terminal blocks make it easy to connect the multiple leads. I could have shortened several wires but there is enough space for the excess lengths.

The box is intended to be fastened to the existing power box in the ceiling.


The complete assembly ready to mounted to the ceiling. However, something has to be done to hide the ugly box.


Here is the answer. The thinking is done inside the box.

This project went together with only a few minor glitches along the way. The result is a fixture giving off a lot of light with a power consumption of about 60 Watts and ingredients that should last for many years.

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